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I, too, just took my second look at this program today. There is no doubt that this program can make our jobs as schedulers much easier. Not to mention our managers’ jobs as well. Please take a look-you will be sold on it too! — Cathy Volonnino
Master Scheduler NJ Devils Youth Hockey Club

I have met with Marc to go over the capabilities of the program and from what I saw it can be a very valuable tool to the schedulers in our league. I would encourage you to contact him and see if it will work for your organization. — Ryan Gibbons
NJ Avalanche Master Scheduler
Ice House Tournament Director

The product is great. I have known Marc for over 20 years we traded together for years. Stand up guy. I highly recommend it to all. It will work and only get better when all clubs use it. I think in time he will have everyone in the east coast using it. At one time schedulare only made phone calls, than e-mails, now this. Set up a demo with him ASAP. Just do it! — Blaise Duffy
Montclair Blues President

Thanks for the demo. I really liked it and was really amazed on how much time and effort this can save for the people scheduling. I liked the ability to find open slots and see what other teams have open as well. I think if the league were to adopt this it could really help make the scheduling process fool proof. I encourage all of you to take a look at it , it only takes 15-20 minutes . It’s a fantastic tool. — Noel Rubin
NJ Colonials Hockey Director