YouthHockey provides cutting-edge scheduling tools to many of its users for free. Users of may realize significant savings by eliminating mistakes, eliminating the need for scheduling meetings, reducing the time and number of people it takes to schedule, getting reciprocal ice more often, and making better decisions about travel.

If you benefit from using please consider an annual contribution. Your contributions will enable to provide new features, technical support, security, and servers

Guidelines for annual donations:


For teams:
$1-2 a game (average team pays $20)

For Clubs
$20 per team, plus $100 for widgets (average club $350)

For Leagues:
$1 to $4 per game scheduled on, plus $250 for a website. $1 basic, +$2 for schedule builder (auto scheduling), +$1 scoring or game sheet integration

We are requesting clubs and leagues that use add a link from your website to our site

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