Apr 26, 2011

2011/12 New Features

Here are some of my favorites:

New Organization Tools:

  1. Website integration:  Populate your website with dynamically updating displays for: a) Team Schedule’s b) Team manger list c) Player Rosters.
  2. Find games with reciprocation in and outside your league and your level (available to team managers as well)
  3. Complete control over set up, add teams, add rinks, invite team managers, players and coaches to view the calendar.
  4. Record game results (displayed on organization list view or in league standings and result display).
  5. Assign slots to multiple teams to be used on a first come first serve basis
  6. Message one, multiple or all team’s calendar’s for one or more days.  example: Rink closed until 2:00 due to weather, all games before 2:00 canceled.
  7. Rink reports (available to leagues as well).
  8. Players and parents can use one login to access schedules for multiple teams in the same organization.
  9. Add ice cuts to the organization list view schedule.

New Manager tools:

  1. Invite players and parents to use their email and personal password to view calendar
  2. Find games with reciprocation, in or out of your league, at, below or above your level
  3. Provide all participants with a dynamically updating link reflecting the latest schedule changes

New league tools:

  1. Dynamically updating league standings, results, and schedule display for your website. 
  2. Message one or all team calendars simultaneously with information.  example:  playoffs march 4th Aspen ice.
  3. Note suspensions on team and opposing team calendar