Apr 26, 2011

Note to Users for 2012 Season

Hello All,  On May 1, we will be re-setting the database to prepare for the 2011/12 season.Please note, until May 1, you can login and export the entire 2010/11 schedule, for your team, organization or league.   If you need assistance in this matter we would be happy to help you.

After May 1, your 2010/11 schedule’s will no longer be available.  After May 1, If you are a master scheduler or league scheduler your login will continue to work, and you can begin your 2011/12 season*.If you are a team manager, parent or player or coach your login will no longer be associated with a team after May 1.  Your organization or new team manager will invite you to your new team or teams for 2011 when they are ready.

Before beginning, league scheduler’s, and master scheduler’s can confirm that this process was complete by reviewing their team drop down list, if there are no teams (other than unassigned) in the top right hand corner you are ready to begin the setup.

(Note: It is possible that teams will be there and their schedules will be blank). 

Note: League Scheduler’s and Master Scheduler’s will do their own set up this year.  I will get something posted on the website for next week,  or you can email me and we can schedule a time for me to walk you thru the process - it’s very easy.  Basically you will add your own teams, and rinks to your login, and you will have complete control to rename, add teams, or change levels from your log in.  This will be great for teams that participate in Jamboree’s etc.

 You will find the YouthHockey.com has many more functions, is easier to use and will integrate important data (schedule’s, manager list, and player roster’s) with your website. 

Lastly, please consider referring us to other scheduler’s, We would much prefer to devote our time and resources to continuing to improve YouthHockey.com then to spend time marketing.

Besides there is no better complement than a referral.

Thank you in advance for your support,

Marc Friedfertig