Sep 15, 2011

Find matching games and fill your ice slots with for games in NY, NJ, and Pennsylvania

There are over 300 teams on the system between LIAHL, NJYHL, AYHL, NE Independent and HVHL.

The success of is based on participation. I am urging everyone with a log in, to spend 5 minutes this weekend.

Log in and Follow these easy steps to find matching games to fill your ice slots:

  1. click team schedule
  2. put your cursor on a day you want to find a game. (make sure you add your available travel dates to) choose “away” to do so.
  3. click the plus
  4. add a home (if you have home ice) add an (away) if you want to travel.
  5. click match
  6. click “search outside league and level” and select one of these leagues

NJYHL/AYHL, LIAHL, HVHL, DVHL, and NE Independent. The new features:

A) Leagues are now in alphabetical order B) Search all - yes you can search all levels in a league at once. If each of you take 5 minutes and follow these simple steps we will schedule lots of games this weekend.

With your participation we can make a big difference. So stop calling, stop emailing and spend a few minutes entering your available dates. We value your comments and input as we are constantly growing and improving our site to benefit the hockey community. See you around the rink. Marc Friedfertig , Jill Friedfertig