Apr 21, 2014

Tryouts Coming? Getting Cut is OK

My 6 year old didn’t make the Mite C team. He never wanted to play hockey again. I told him if he was quitting hockey because he would rather to play guitar or he wanted to play baseball, that that was great and that I would be his biggest fan, but if he was quitting because he didn’t make the team, that this was not ok. Only losers do that, and that I didn’t think he was a loser. I told him this was the coaches way of saying that he needed to work harder, that he was very lucky that if hockey was what he wanted, that I would do whatever it takes to help him get better. He said he wanted to play hockey, he said he was going to work really hard and show the coaches they made a mistake. And he did. We went to clinics, we got up before school and went for lessons. , Along the way he didn’t always make the team he wanted, but there were many great moments to balance out the disappointments. Last night, my son was awarded the MVP for his High School team. This to go along with being named first team all conference, and being team Captain. I laid awake thinking of that moment 12 years ago, and the decision he made, and how this changed his life. How adversity made him stronger, and how we both didn’t take the easy way out. What a great life lesson.